Calling all North Texas Nonprofit Leaders

Unleashing Your Greatest Impact

Investing in you is an investment in your work, and we want to fuel your organization’s greatest impact through Financial Sustainability programs and PEER GROUP membership.

Why this Matters.

Isolation, Burnout, and Turnover is costing us time and money

a survey conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, which found that 61% of non-profit CEOs reported feeling lonely in their roles.

Financial Sustainability is often out of reach

a report by the Bridgespan Group found that 75% of nonprofit organizations struggle to raise enough funds to cover their operating expenses, and that nonprofit leaders often have to devote a significant amount of their time and energy to fundraising and revenue generation.

The answer to these issues is investment in professional development and support, but a report by the Council on Foundations, which found that the average percentage of total expenses spent on staff development was 1.1%.

For those who are playing such a crucial role in our community, this is not ok. so a group of north texas funders have come toget and partnered with revjen, a dallas based social enterprise, to help change that.

The scholarships

We are funding full scholarships for organizations to go through a series of revenue infrastructure workshops and for organization leaders (ED/CDO roles and equivalent) to join professionally facilitated peer groups to build a trusted community to help each other in solving your greatest challenges


Fuel is a series of dynamic revenue workshops that you go through as a leadership team. It is professionally facilitated over several sessions by our training partner and will provide you with a pragmatic plan to build a strong revenue infrastructure.

R-Squared peer groups

Connecting with other senior-level collaborators through R-Squared Peer Groups with the help of a professional guide, you’ll each hone and build the skill sets needed to address the root causes of the leadership challenges you’re facing as a leader and as an organization.

It works.

72% of Leaders who go through r-squared save their organization money

“ Today was such a breath of fresh air…I’ve already learned so much from my peer group and will be able to implement some of the nuggets I’ve taken away.. .Thank you for such a well organized and executed program.

89% of organizations who graduate from the fuel series say their organization is more strategic in revenue management

“ It’s like going to the eye doctor to update your prescription, you don’t realize you need an updated lens until you see it from the other side…Fuel gave us a new lens.”

Who Can Apply.

Any organization in North Texas is able to apply.

Applications must be completed by a member of the senior team.

R-squared peer groups are only available to ED or CDO or equivalent roles at this stage.

If you have questions, please book a call with our initiative partner, revJen below

Who we are.

We are a group of funders from north texas looking to invest in the social sector beyond just grant making. We want to part of the bigger solution that supports nonprofit organizations and leaders to achieve their greatest impact.

The North Texas Funders Initiative is a collaborative, three-year partnership formed to bring together dedicated resources in support of area nonprofit leaders and their organizations.​